Facts of Coconut Oil for Hair and Diet

Avoiding the consumption of oily foods is one of the common steps taken by those who are on a diet. But do you know? Coconut oil actually contains a relatively friendly type of fat for those of you who are on a diet.

According to research, coconut oil has a number of benefits for health and beauty, including to help maintain an ideal body weight. Not only that, coconut oil is believed to be effective enough to help reduce bad cholesterol even though it contains fat.

Facts about Coconut Oil for Hair and Diet - Alodokter

Effects of Coconut Oil on Weight Loss
To understand more about the benefits of coconut oil for the diet, consider some of the facts below:

Easily absorbed by the body
One of the features of coconut oil is the content of its medium chain triglycerides. This fat can be absorbed easily in the digestive tract and directly channeled into the liver to produce energy, so it does not accumulate in the stomach area.
Increase metabolism
The benefits of coconut oil for a diet can help stimulate metabolism and increase energy in the body. When the body's metabolism increases, the body's ability to burn fat will also increase, so that less fat is accumulated in the body and body weight remains stable.
Reduces appetite
Coconut oil is believed to contain a substance that has the effect of reducing appetite. When your appetite decreases, calorie intake into the body also decreases. That way, even weight gain can be controlled.
Reducing fat in the stomach
Finally, the benefits of coconut oil for a diet can help reduce fat deposits in the stomach. According to research, coconut oil contains healthy fats which can trigger an increase in the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and help reduce total cholesterol, bad fat (LDL), and triglycerides, and reduce fat around the stomach.
Need Further Research
The lauric acid content of coconut oil can make the body burn energy more effectively, but a study found no effect on weight loss. Therefore, further research is still needed to prove the relationship between coconut oil and its effectiveness in losing weight. What is clear, adding coconut intake without reducing other food intake, will not give effect to the diet carried out.

Eating coconut oil is considered safe if done on a limited basis, no more than 10 ml three times per day. Only, consumption of coconut oil is recommended only in the short term. Because, coconut oil contains high enough calories.

Consuming coconut oil excessively can actually hinder your weight loss program. As an illustration, every single spoon of coconut oil contains around 120 calories and 14 grams of fat.

Although there are possible benefits of coconut oil for the diet, weight loss must be balanced with applying a healthy diet and regular exercise. To be safe and effective, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or nutritionist first before using coconut oil for your diet.

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