Let's examine the benefits of cycling for health

Enjoying the natural scenery by using a bicycle is a very pleasant thing. Besides pleasure, the benefits of cycling are also very much for your health.

Aside from being a tool for recreation, cycling makes the body move actively. As we know, an active body is one of the important conditions to maintain the quality of our health. Cycling alone, if done at least 2.5 hours a week or 30 minutes every day on a regular basis has a positive impact on the health of the body.

Let's examine the benefits of cycling for health - Alodokter

What are the benefits?
The following are some of the benefits of cycling if done regularly.

Cardiovascular repair
Cycling, including cardio, is categorized as such because by cycling, the performance of the heart, lungs, and blood circulation system will increase. In addition, regular cycling is also able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the heart muscle, and lower blood pressure. Reducing bad cholesterol will reduce the risk of narrowing of blood vessels. Regularly trained heart muscle will be more effective so that the process of delivering blood and oxygen throughout the body is more optimal. The better your circulatory or cardiovascular system performance, the lower your risk of stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.
Increase muscle strength
How many limbs and muscles are involved when you ride? Almost everything, right? If done regularly, the strong and flexible muscles are one of the results. In addition, body coordination and balance are also trained.
Caring for the joints
In addition to muscles, the joints in the arms and legs are also active. Elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists are some joints that will automatically work when cycling. Good movement of the joints will make it more flexible.
Maintain weight
Thanks to cycling, your cardiovascular and muscle performance becomes more optimal. One of the advantages of an active body, good cardiovascular, and trained muscles is the increase in body metabolism and burning of calories. Calorie fire is of course very good for maintaining an ideal body weight. Combine the habit of cycling regularly with a balanced nutrition diet, to prevent and overcome obesity.
Reducing stress levels
When cycling, the body will release a hormone called endorphins. This hormone triggers a sense of comfort and a positive mood. In addition, endorphins can also reduce pain. The emergence of comfort in the body of course will reduce the burden that clings to your mind. Coupled with a view that you can enjoy while cycling, the reduction in stress levels in your body will be felt even more.
Reducing the risk of other diseases
Regular physical activity through cycling is good for general body health. One of the advantages of an active body is the minimal risk of developing diabetes. This is related to the stable production of insulin by the active body. Cycling can also reduce the risk of getting cancer, especially colon cancer.
Ensure Cycling Safely
There are so many not the benefits of cycling that you can enjoy? In order for the benefits of cycling to be more optimal, there are things that need to be considered before starting cycling. One of them is a safety factor.

However, safety of cycling is mandatory. Regardless of security, the benefits of cycling can be in vain. For that, consider some of the following safe tips:

Check your bike
Before cycling, make sure you have checked all the components in your bicycle, from the brakes, to the tire condition. Letting one part of your bicycle not work can risk injury.
Wear head, elbow and knee protectors
The head, elbows and knees are part of the body that is prone to injury if it falls. Make sure you protect all three so that if you fall, the effect is not too fatal.
Make sure you are visible
You might be cycling on public roads and in dark conditions. Therefore, make sure you can be seen by other vehicle users when cycling. Install lights and use brightly colored clothes or those made from glow in the dark.
Keep driving
Cycling still has to pay attention to other road users, both motorists and pedestrians. If the road does not provide special tracks for bicycles, do not grab pedestrian rights. Make sure you also always signal to other road users when you turn or stop. Don't do it suddenly because it can endanger you and other road users. Certainly, obey the applicable traffic signs.
If your bike is ready for combat, then enjoy the various benefits of cycling that can be obtained from the first stroke.

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