Secrets To Look Enchanting Although Pregnant

When pregnant, the body experiences some physical changes such as swollen body weight or skin that may be problematic. This might make you lose self-confidence which ultimately has an impact on appearance. But, you can still do it, it still looks charming even though it's in a two body.

Most women may be stressed when they see the scales needles that continue to move to the right. But in fact, it can't be avoided while pregnant. So is the problem with the skin. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may trigger acne, itching, changes in skin tone, or the formation of stretch marks.

The Secret To Look Enchanting Even While Being Pregnant - Alodokter

Charming and Healthy Tips for Pregnancy

Even so, don't always scapegoat pregnancy so you consider yourself unattractive. Change the mindset and try to do the tips below so that you can undergo pregnancy while still emitting a beauty aura.

Pregnancy should not be used as an excuse to laze around. Come on move your body so that you are more energized. Exercise during pregnancy can also make you sleep better and reduce stress. This condition can make your face look fresh and beautiful. You are advised to exercise at least two and a half hours each week. Sports that are safe for pregnant women include walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, pregnancy exercises and Kegel exercises.
Take advantage of the natural beauty of pregnant women
The effects of pregnancy on physical appearance are not always bad. Often times pregnant women look more radiant when having two bodies, because there is an increase in blood flow which gives the effect of glow on the skin. Brightening skin color may also happen to you.
Not only skin, hair also has a positive effect from pregnancy. The hormone that comes out during pregnancy can make your hair thicker, radiant, and healthier. If you already have heavy hair before pregnancy and are worried that it will be difficult to arrange, you might be able to trim it with pieces that match the shape of the face.

Wearing makeup
The use of makeup is not prohibited during pregnancy. You can still apply makeup and be creative with various colors of lipstick or eye shadow. But with a note, the makeup does not contain substances that are harmful to the fetus, such as mercury, retinoid, and salicylic acid.
Pamper yourself at the spa
Occasionally, take time to time in the spa to relax the body and mind. But, choose a spa that is safe for pregnant women. Consult your obstetrician before doing massage on the body, especially the abdomen, or if you intend to take care that can increase body temperature such as a sauna.
Trying to look stylish
When you are pregnant you can still look fashionable but still have the freedom to move, by wearing the right clothes. Instead of wearing negligee, it's better to choose baby doll with a beautiful design. Choose a baby doll that does not exceed the knee so you don't look short. It is recommended to choose baby doll with a V-collar model to give a longer line effect. You can also copy pregnant women's clothing models in magazines. However, avoid spending excessive budget only for fashion matters.
Beautify yourself from the inside
Beautify yourself not only from the outside, you also have to pay attention to the inside. Eating enough water can keep your skin moist so the skin is not dry and dull. Healthy food for pregnant women you must also consume, such as whole grains, kidney beans, eggs, vegetables, and milk.
Enough sleep
With increasing gestational age, pregnant women will usually experience insomnia. However, you still have to try to get enough sleep, considering the many health and beauty benefits that you can get from sleeping. Some things you can do to deal with insomnia during pregnancy are sleeping on your side and knees bent, using extra pillows to support your body, or light exercise before going to bed.
Positive thinking
Basically, whatever your physical appearance, beauty and self-confidence will emanate automatically when you have positive thoughts. So, always keep positive sentences in your mind, for example, "Pregnancy is a happy thing, because there is a beloved baby in my birth," or, "I am hot mom."
So, don't assume that during pregnancy you can't look attractive. Good luck with the various tips above, to still look beautiful while pregnant.

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