Yuk, Mother. Recognize How to Overcome Nasal Congestion in Babies

Overcoming nasal congestion in infants can indeed make parents panic. Because the baby can only fuss without knowing the inconvenience that he feels himself. At times like this, you must keep calm and do some ways to overcome them.

Nasal congestion does not only occur because of the buildup of nasal or runny nose fluid in the baby's nose. This occurs because at the time of the runny nose, the nose, blood vessels, and adjacent nasal tissue experience swelling. This condition of the nose makes it difficult for babies to breathe and become very fussy. The reason is, he doesn't know what to do, but his nose feels uncomfortable.

Yuk, Mother. Recognize Ways to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Babies - Alodokter

In the first year, babies will usually be more prone to colds or flu. This happens because the body's immune system has not been formed properly, so it is easily infected with a virus that attacks the throat and nose. Colds are characterized by the appearance of runny nose and stuffy nose. Besides being infected, exposure to pollution and cigarette smoke also often causes respiratory tract irritation in infants and children with one of the complaints, namely a blocked nose.

If your baby has a cold, it is advisable to immediately see a pediatrician, to prevent the risk of pneumonia can occur.

Overcoming Nasal Congestion in Babies Calmly

In addition to having your baby checked by a pediatrician, try doing a number of ways to reduce the discomfort felt by the baby when the cold Below are some ways to deal with stuffy nose in babies that you can practice, including:

Help baby get rid of his nose
Babies cannot get rid of their own nose. So, he will really need your help to overcome it. There are several ways you can do it. First, prepare a container for baby snot removal. Then, suction snot from your baby's nose slowly using an aspirator (nasal fluid suction device) or infant nasal bulb (a type of small pipette).
Second, you can use liquid saline (sterile salt water sold in pharmacies) that can be dropped into your baby's nose to thin it and make it easier to run out. After that, suction the baby snot back using a snot suction device that is usually sold in baby supplies stores.
Sufficient fluid needs
At the time of the cold, the little one will really need fluids. If your child's age is enough to give food like soup, give him a warm soup to make him feel better. However, if the age of the child is not enough to be given MPASI, give ASI or formula milk as usual.
Do evaporation
Nasal congestion makes your child have difficulty breathing. To make it easier to breathe, Your Little One needs moist and warm air. You can help him breathe in steam from a basin of warm water. If your house has hot water facilities in the bathroom, take your child into the bathroom with a hot tap that is lit, so that the child can breathe the steam. You can also use a humidifier to moisturize the air at home.
Keep the air in the house clean
Dirty air and irritants such as cigarette smoke can make the baby's respiratory tract become inflamed and aggravate the stuffy nose they experience. Because it is important to always maintain cleanliness at home and keep your child away from cigarette smoke and polluted air.
In its first years, the Little One will indeed be more often or more susceptible to colds, but that does not mean you consider it lightly. Immediately check your child to the pediatrician to get the right treatment. You are also advised not to carelessly give cold medicine to him. As a care at home, do a number of ways to overcome the stuffy nose in the baby above to reduce the discomfort he feels.

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